Influenster fun!

  • Ok so as everyone knows I am a stay at home mom with a business. So I don’t really have the luxury of just going out whenever I want and buying random stuff. SO I found this site that really like called Totally not a scam they actually send you boxes of free stuff, the only catch is you have to review the products and share on social media. I don’t mind doing that it doesn’t take but a few minutes and I can do it all on my phone.

This last box I just got was called the oasis voxbox and inside was a full size coverage foundation, Welch’s fruit snacks, very Wang sample perfumes and a few other things…like come on! This is amazing completely free and it’s fun!! Totally check it out especially you other stay at home mom’s!


Definition of love

As a young adult I thought butterflies in my stomach and late nights of talking was love. I thought that was as good as it gets, the best thing on this earth was feeling of being wanted and felling comforted. All the time never appreciating what my parents did for me and the life I had. I always felt restricted. 

I decided I would take things into my own hands and live the life I felt I should live. 

Losing my family and giving up the opportunities I had was the worst mistake of my life. That love that I thought was love was nothing but a different attention. There was no foundation. 

When I met my now fiancé I learned a new love. However when our daughter was born I learned the definition of love. Feeling a human being grow inside of you, feeling what your feeling, eating what your eating. Then pushing that person out of you and them laying on your chest while their tiny fingers grab your worn and scarred skin. All you can do is stare and cry. This is the most beautiful Moment I think any woman could ever experience. And as that child looks into your eyes you become their entire world your are the first sight, smell, feeling, and love they have ever known. Everything you do from this moment on will affect this child’s life. 

And somehow you wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

That my friends…is the definition of love…

I am a stay at home…how dare I complain!

I just love when people say “Oh must nice to sit around and do nothing all day”. Well here is my response. I could have gone back to work. I could making lots of money. But I also would have had to hand off my baby girl for someone else to take care of while I do so. My fiance works full time plus some. And I love and thank him for it everyday. But I chose to stay home to raise my baby girl. 

Stay at home is a tiring and depriving job. You constantly are wanted and needed and never accomplish all the things you need to do. I started an online business to supplement our income and it is almost impossible to be mom and business owner all in the same day. I have no time to myself when it’s nap time I have a countdown of thirty minutes to pee, grab something to eat, shower and try to get some business work done. 

Stay at home moms I applaud you! We try! The house is never clean no matter how much we try there is always clothes and dishes waiting. But there is nothing better than knowing what your child is exposed to and what they are learning as they grow up. 

It’s not as easy as everyone thinks. Don’t look down upon yourself for the things you didn’t get accomplished. Instead applaud yourself for things you are doing for your family and the amazing mother you are ❤

Dashing through life…

In today’s society we are taught to dash through the things we need to do. To accomplish more, and to achieve higher. But is that really the life you want to live. Sure money is great and titles are important for success.

Definition of Dash: run or travel somewhere in a great hurry.

We’ve all heard the saying and probably have said it ourselves. “There’s just not enough time in one day.”

Our lives have become a series of tasks that we need to complete by a certain time, day, month, year…pretty soon we’ve used up all our time here on this planet dashing through life. It sounds silly when you say it like that but its true.

Back to the definition to run or hurry. How many times has someone opened a door for you and you are awkwardly too far away so you hurry your step up because you don’t want to keep them waiting?  How many times do you get anxious because someone is driving too slow in front of you? Or how many times have you stopped the microwave early because it’s probably done I just don’t wait that extra 12 seconds…

Our lives have been shaped into a quick pace line of events. We have lost all appreciation of what we have. We shouldn’t feel guilty for someone holding a door open and having to wait a few extra seconds. We should be grateful and return the favor. We shouldn’t speed past the car that is going too slow. Take a minute and enjoy the scenery around you instead. And the microwave, well just be glad you didn’t have to make that from scratch or be thankful you had leftovers. At least you’re not going hungry.

I know this is all easier said than done. I myself am a horrible example. One of my favorite songs is “I’m in a hurry” by  Alabama. Every time I hear that song I am reminded that most of us don’t take the time to appreciate the little things.

Before we know it our time will be up. And when we look back at the story of our life. What will we see?


Survive-sometimes easier said than done…

We are all trying to survive. Whether it’s physically or mentally. Survival is the keyword to existence in every being on this planet. Somedays it’s harder than others. Every Day brings new challenges. But it’s how we look at it that will Define the rest of our time here on this planet.

We’ve all been through situations where we weren’t sure if we’d make it through and maybe some are going through that situation now. But you have to look at it as just another step towards a greater thing coming. Every situation that we overcome makes us stronger physically and mentally.

Having supportive people that know you and love you is very important in overcoming these obstacles. If you don’t have The support of people around you you don’t have anything to boost your morale and push you through but your own will, and that can be very difficult. 

Don’t ever give up there are 7.5 billion people in the world and every single one of them have their own issues and their own dreams. Chances are there are people out there going through the same thing as you. Find new friends or a new place to start fresh there are no limits do what you have todo to survive

Struggles of a First Time Mommy

I wouldn’t trade anything for where I am in life…But honestly I feel like a failure some days…So I came up with a plan…to survive day to day without chaos and craziness.

I wouldn’t trade anything for where I am in life. I have a beautiful baby girl and the most amazing boyfriend in the world. But honestly I feel like a failure some days. The house is a mess. I’m a mess. I just feel like I’m not doing enough but at the same time my body feels like I’m doing everything. I’ve read a lot of different blogs and articles and found that is very common with stay at home moms.

I’ve started up a business that I can do from home to try to bring in more money. But sometimes I feel like I have to make a choice. Am I going to be a Mom today or a business owner? I thought it would be easy to just work on my business in between taking care of my little one.  Boy was I wrong! Maybe its just because this is my first child and I haven’t really mastered the whole multitasking thing… but I get so overwhelmed sometimes. But at the end of the day I can sit back and feel proud of what I did accomplish and not penalize myself for what I didn’t. And I think that is very important when your feeling stressed and overwhelmed to step back and think about what it was that caused your day to go south.

I have found a system? if thats what you want to call it, that has really helped me adjust to such a different life as a new mommy. I worked a full time job and always tried to keep my house tidy and everything done before I go to bed. Now I’m at home most of the time and I’m passed out on the floor with spit up on my shoulder at 9:00 at night waiting for the baby to finally fall asleep. Is any of this sounding familiar?

But after a few months of just feeling absolutely crazy and unproductive I started to reevaluate my day to day and realized I had no routine and was trying to fit my previous lifestyle into my current life! That was a wake up call for me. So I came up with a plan…Yes, a plan to survive day to day without chaos and craziness and to adapt to my new life.

So first off I realized that waking up in the wrong mood is certain to cause your day a load of distress. So my first step was to wake up with a clean slate. Even if I’d hardly gotten any sleep or had a bad day the day before. I wanted to wake up to a new day and start over, knowing I have a whole day ahead of me to make the best of.

After a few days of waking up and feeling blessed instead of burdened, I took the next step. This was to set a goal for myself. ONE GOAL, FOR THE WHOLE DAY. Sure I had more than one thing that needed to be done. But I would make one specific goal for that day that I would get done. Whether it was just to finish all of the dishes or catch up on all of the laundry or go grocery shopping etc… I wrote it down the night before and woke up with a clean slate and started my day and made sure I completed my goal for the day. Now that gave me a sense of accomplishment as I fell asleep instead of stress and guilt for going to bed instead of the many other tasks that needed completing.

Every day or every other day, depending on how it was going, I would add one more task to my calendar of goals. Pretty soon not only did I have a routine down, but so did the baby. We were both able to adapt together and make things much less stressful.

So for all of you new mommys out there don’t give up. Try to get a routine down. It may take a while but if I made it work, you certaintly can too!!